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Cayos Cochinos Foundation Scientific Station

Located in the 2nd largest Cay, Minor Cay, the scientific station offers beds for rent in their shared cabins. Surrounded by coconut trees and holding one of the longest beaches in the Cays. Walk through sandy trails, enjoying an unspoiled ocean view with the beautiful Honduran mountain range at one side and the unspoiled tropical rainforest of the Cay on your backside. You will find an abundance of iguanas snacking on the beach and throughout the hiking trails, and you might even cross paths with the famous pink boa which roam naturally on the cay! The main intended use of the cabins in the Scientific station is for students or volunteers who would like to partake in volunteering opportunities the Cayos Cochinos Foundation offers.

Facility Description

  • Cabins 1, 2, and 3 have 4 rooms each and two shared full bathrooms. Room 1 and 3 have two twin beds each. Room 2 and 4 have four twin beds each, a kitchenette, living room, deck with sitting area. Each cabin can hold up to 12 guests each.

  • Cabin 4 has 3 rooms, each with their own bathroom. Room 1 has one Queen bed, room 2 has three Queen beds, and room 3 has five Twin beds. It has a full kitchen with appliances, a dining area and a two-story deck for lounging and star gazing. It has A/C and fans. Cabin 4 can hold up to 13 guests.

  • The Scientific Station has a bar called Numada, a Garífuna word which translates to “Friend”, where you can purchase local and international beer, rum, whiskey, vodka, tequila and “giffiti”, a traditional Garífuna herb-based liquor, cigarettes, chips, and souvenirs.

  • It has a restaurant located on a mountain with a beautiful view of the archipelago where you can purchase breakfast, dinner, and lunch in case you don’t bring groceries with you. Meal prices range from $18 — $35 per meal.

  • Scientific Station has a two-story dock, which lights up at night, where you will see spotted eagle rays and other wild life swimming underneath it. The second story is suitable for star gazing or for meditating.


All cabins have fans, bedsheets, pillows, cleaning service and Wi-Fi. Cabin 4 has air conditioning (from 9 pm to 7 am) and a full kitchen with all appliances and utensils for a worry-free vacation.

Activities and volunteering programs: Scientific station has the volunteering programs mentioned above at favorable prices. You can also find kayak rental $40 for two hours, scuba diving $75 per person (2 dives), snorkeling gear rental $17.25, soccer balls and volleyballs free of charge.

Price: $51.75 per night per person.

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