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Take into consideration when visiting Cayos Cochinos

  • Protected Marine Park: everyone who visits Cayos Cochinos needs to register and pay a fee to enter. This fee helps pay for the conservation efforts, salaries, maintenance of the facilities, cleaning of the cays, improvement projects for the local communities and the Honduran navy who helps supervise that visitors and locals are abiding by the management plan.

  • Entrance fees:

  • Honduran visitors: $5.75 per person

  • International visitors: $23.00 per person

  • Remote: located 20 miles (32.19 km) from Roatán and 22 miles (35.41 km) from mainland Honduras, there are no ferries or airplanes towards Cayos Cochinos. Transportation is coordinated through local tourist operators in small fast boats located in La Ceiba, Corozal, Sambo Creek or Nueva Armenia or through Cayos Cochinos Foundation in La Ceiba. You can also visit Cayos Cochinos with your own boat, in which case you would need to pay an entrance fee for your boat as well. Due to its remoteness, most produce needs to be brought from the mainland and can be a bit expensive. Aside from small family stores located in Chachahuate Cay, there are no grocery or convenience stores in Cayos Cochinos.

  • Transportation costs:

  • $55 per person average transportation price with local tour operators

  • $575 per boat with Cayos Cochinos Foundation (up to 15 visitors)

  • Rules and Regulations: the whole archipelago abides by the Management Plan of the Archipelago of Cayos Cochinos, including locals and visitors. The most important rules to abide by are the conservation efforts which includes fishing limitations (only line fishing is allowed), no touching, removing, killing any of the flora and fauna be it terrestrial or marine. Conservative use of water (there are no streams or natural water preserves, so everyone relies on rainwater), no plastic usage is encouraged, among other conservation rules.

  • You can help! Did you know you can help in the conservation efforts? Cayos Cochinos Foundation offers volunteering opportunities to help with the conservation efforts. The Foundation can provide room and board, meals and learning opportunities! Some conservation efforts include:

  • Coral restoration: the foundation has numerous submerged coral gardens, so you can catch up with your scuba diving skills and help clean, reproduce, relocate, and plant endangered corals.

  • Turtle monitoring: this seasonal activity helps them monitor the health of this reptile’s population. This activity includes late night watch, room, and board and meals at a very low price.

  • Pink Boa monitoring: endemic to Cayos Cochinos, you will find this endangered reptile hanging over the trees or slithering through the leaves in Minor Cay and Mayor Cay. Nonvenomous and very docile, you will help to tag and monitoring its life cycle.

  • Black Jamo (Iguana) monitoring: this family of the iguana is also endemic to Cayos Cochinos. Like the Pink Boa, you will help in monitoring its reproduction and life cycle.

  • Community Volunteering: this program is open to any visitor who is willing to share any skills or expertise they have with the local Garífuna community. Teaching skills include teaching English, biology students who would like to research in any species on the archipelago, construction, music, etc. All skills are welcome.

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