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Garifuna Experience Housing

Cayo Chachahuate Houses

If you are looking for a complete Honduran immersion and unique experience sharing with the Garífuna community, this is your place! Cayo Chachahuate is the most habituated Cay in the archipelago, boasting a beautiful white sand beach line surrounding the whole Cay with crystal clear turquoise water walking distance from the houses! Surrounded by palm trees swaying through the cool breeze and listening to the laughter of the many Garífuna kids playing in the beach and running around the community. You will be able to learn the local Garífuna language, see how their local and unique cuisine is made and enjoy their drumbeats while watching their hip and foot movement dancing punta dance!

Facility Description

  • 4 basic wooden cabins with beds, sheets, pillows, and fans for up to 4 guests. Basic full bathrooms. There is no A/C, cable TV or Wi-Fi to disconnect from the hassle of the world! Food is ordered and served in the community dining area, where you can choose from different restaurants by the beach. Tours are also provided, and you can hire your own Garífuna party with drums and dancers at $122!

  • Price: $62 per night per cabin.  Food prices vary from $15 for a whole fried fish, $20 for a shrimp platter, seafood soup for $28. Tours in a canoe are $80 per person.

Price and contact

•    Phone: + (504) 9932-0956

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