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Cayos Cochinos is the most remote, unblemished, and pristine archipelago of the Bay Islands. It is a protected marine park containing 15 Cays, varying in size and ecosystem, most of which are privately owned, and others inhabited by the local Garífuna community and other native islanders. With its amazing marine and terrestrial flora and fauna, and with the efforts of governmental and private protection. You can enjoy an incredible array of eco-friendly activities such as Scuba Diving, snorkeling, volunteering opportunities and an immersion with the local Garífuna way of life.

What We Do

We work together with the owners of the private cays, local communities in Chachahuate and East End, other local private hospitality businesses as well as with the Cayos Cochinos Foundation to offer a pleasant and exclusive stay in Cayos Cochinos. We abide by the conservation efforts written in the management plan of the Cayos Cochinos Foundation to visit Cayos Cochinos in an ecologically responsible way to protect this archipelago for years to come!


Things to take into Consideration

The Protected Marine Park | Entrance Fees |Transportation Costs | Rules and Regulations

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