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Vitto's Eco
Diving Resort


Located in Mayor Cay, Vitto’s Eco Diving Resort is the only hotel per se in Cayos Cochinos. It has 13 rooms distributed throughout it’s lush jungle, with connecting trails over the hills which gives you direct access either to their restaurant/bar, dock and beach. Located in the middle of a bay, you will find tranquil, crystal-clear waters where you can enjoy aquatic activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, artisanal fishing or land activities such as hiking or learning how to dance “punta” with the Garifuna community. Vitto’s Eco Diving Resort also offers tours to other Cays and has all-inclusive packages for a worry-free vacation!

Facility Description

13 Cabins and one Suite distributed throughout the jungle and overlooking the beautiful bay. 6 cabins have one Queen bed for up to 2 guests each, 4 cabins have 2 Queen beds for up to 4 guests each, 3 cabins have three Queen beds for up to 6 guests each, and they have a Suite with 4 Queen beds for up to 8 guests.

Restaurant and Bar: the bar and restaurant serve international and local cuisine, specializing in seafood, as well as national and international beers, an array of options for spirits and cocktails.

Dock: enjoy a panoramic view of other cays, sunrises and sunsets and a natural invitation to star gaze at night.



  • Fans, WIFI, daily cleaning, tours, scuba diving lessons, snorkeling and other water sports and hiking activities. Boat transportation from the mainland included in the price.

  • Price: packages for one night stay are $ 200 per person, packages for 2-night stay are $ 350 per person and includes room and board, a welcome cocktail, local beers, meals, transportation, and activities such as snorkeling in Chachahuate Cay and hiking in the pink boa trails.

Price and contact

  • Phone: + 1 (646) 831-9655

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