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Culebra Cay


Great for small and HUGE families or groups. Culebra Cay has 2 cabins and a main house which are rented out individually. This Cay has the longest and widest beach where you can enjoy sunbathing in the sun before taking a plunge into your natural ocean pool right in front of you.

Facility Description

  • Main House: the main house has 5 rooms with their own private bathroom each: 2 rooms have 2 Queen beds; 2 rooms have 1 King size bed and one room with 7 twin size beds. It has a full kitchen, dining room, living room, playroom and a huge deck surrounding the house. It can hold up to 19 guests.

  • Cabin 1 and 2: these beautiful and new cabins have 3 rooms with their own bathrooms. 2 bedrooms have 1 Queen bed, and the main room has 1 King bed. It has a small, open full kitchen, living room, dining room and a beautiful deck with loungers. They can hold up to 6 guests each.

  • Culebra Cay has a shared dock where you can dive from it and mingle at any time of the day.

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Air conditioning (from 9 pm to 7 am, additional charges for longer hours), fans, snorkel gear, among others.


Price: Main Cabin: $ 1800 per night. Cabins: $ 800 per night each. You can also rent Culebra Cay as a whole at $ 3000 per night.

Price and contact

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